Growing up in a small town in northern BC I watched my mother make my clothes, she'd design patterns using newspapers and construct beautiful garments for me and my siblings: usually recycling the dresses she no longer wore and we would add embellishments or embroider them. The experience of recycling, reusing, wasting nothing has been embedded in my soul from childhood. As a young adult I attended college for fashion design and clothing technology. I had always been drawn to natural fabrics: linens, silks, cotton, and the endless options for painting, block printing, and natural dyes that were possible with these textiles. 
In 1998 Industrial Hemp was legalized in Canada and I researched Hemp Fabric. I found it to be one of the best environmentally friendly crops grown. I won't drag on here about all the amazing qualities and benefits of this amazing plant, but just know that it is very sustainable. At the time, the fabric was limited but I started a small clothing line (in 1999). It was frustrating that the stigma around the cannabis plant impeded the growth of my slow fashion business and the importance of environmental change in the fashion industry. 
ANYWAYS, working in my studio, fueled by caffeine, I was in need of another cup... But had ran out of, of course, coffee filters -- so I made one. Thus, the Hemp/Cotton Reusable Coffee Filter was born. I was amazed at how well it worked and continued to use the filter for months and months. I Started making a line of coffee filters and selling them at small local markets and to independent grocers and boutique retail stores in 2002. Business was slow and I was the sole supporter of my 2 small children. Because of this, in 2007, I took a full time job and the filters went on the back burner for a few years. But, they were gone but not forgotten! when consumer demand for environmental products became more mainstream and wonderful zero waste stores started to open, my coffee filters finally fit in and I reestablished my business in 2016.
With the help of my son in law and daughter, we got the products up on Amazon, established our beautiful website, and started to grow Pinyon Products' social media presence. My little company has seen some tremendous growth and has been very well received in the past year (a stark contrast from the taboo surrounding hemp products from the past). My daughters are now adults and I'm just the sole provider for myself.

I try to do what I can to support local, and Canadian businesses. I manufacture these Hemp/Organic Cotton products (cotton thread) from my home in White Rock, BC. I purchase the fabric and supplies from all Canadian wholesalers. I use Canada Post to ship orders across the Country, and, when I can, hand-deliver to local stores - it's good to meet like minded people... and get out of my apartment! As the business grows and I can no longer keep up with all the sewing work myself, I will likely be contracting out the sewing to the local cottage industry.
Lastly, as my little bit to try and give back, Pinyon Products donates monthly to "charity: water," they drill wells for the people of third world countries to supply them with clean water and work with local communities to educate on the importance of better sanitation and hygiene.

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